LH Carbide leads the industry with inventive products and services that are far from ordinary.

Progessive lamination tools

While certainly not a comprehensive list, here’s a look at some of our most popular stamping die categories and valuable services.


First introduced by LH Carbide in the 1980s, Autolok revolutionized lamination stamping and has become a motor industry standard. Main principles include dynamic adjustment of the incremental skew angle and rotation of the stack to compensate for stock gamma.


An extension of Autolok, Varilok gives design engineers unprecedented design freedom which allows for complex 3D shapes while also enhancing performance in a multitude of ways.


LH Carbide is recognised around the world for our groundbreaking engineering and design in lamination dies for both interlocked and loose lam configurations.


LH Carbide design and build lamination and other precision progressive dies from basic to complex for a wide range of purposes.


Extend the life of your tools with LH Carbide’s rebuild service which restores them to their original specs…or maybe even better.


There are many advantages to choosing LH Carbide as a new product development partner. Our experience and expertise supports an efficient and cost-effective product right from the start, to help you avoid lots of production problems later.